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A sampled overview of various projects in web site and app design.

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Wondr Health Web App Work

Various Other Web Work

CodeFights Home
Codefights Software Engineering Recruiting App 1
CodeFights Home
Codefights 2

Movie Content Explorer - Content Screen
NBC Universal Content Explorer
Movie Content Explorer - Content Screen
Home Page GIF - EchoUser
Echouser Web Redesign
404 Page - EchoUser 2014
Echouser Illustration
Comic Reader & Explorer Tablet App
Web Based Comic Book Reader
Comic Reader & Explorer Tablet App
Comic Reader 2
New Homepage
Archived Portfolio Design
Calendar View - Mail Campaign App
Vertical Response Email Marketing
Messages View - Mail Campaign App
Email Marketing 2
Dwello Smart Apartments Administration Web App
Dwello 2
Dwello 3
Undisclosed Client Dashboard Conceptual Exploration
Undisclosed Exploration


Various processes involved over many projects, such as:

User Experience Research, Conceptualization, Product Design, Prototyping, User Testing, A/B Testing, Development Support, and Feature Iteration.

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