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From a Sherlockian attention to detail to deeply considered user journeys and writing, great app design is just what we do - on your timeline, in your budget.


New Apps from Scratch

Let's take your great idea and turn it into the next big thing. Direction, research, design, test, iterate, ship, support, tune. Start to finish, you're in good hands.

Product Evolution

Make a good app great. Ship new features, solidify market fit, elevate visuals. Carry updates through your product and collateral ecosystem. It's all under control.

Improve Conversions

From increasing activation numbers in the first day experience to pushing the envelope in reactivations and referrals, let's make your product sing.

Simplify the Complex

Delivering complicated solutions to the masses without an included educational stipend is a challenge. Simplify and conquer with an expert who's done this before.

Write Winning Copy

Getting the words right is one of the most critical and often overlooked aspects of product design. Psychology, SEO, globalization, entertainment value. It all matters.

Focused Design Sprints

With a design sprint, Studio Godsey can help your team explore, test, and iterate in short bursts to get your product where it needs to go.

Working arrangements:

Daily Consulting

Need an expert eye or a mentor's push in the right direction to save you hunting in the dark? This is for you.
Expert consultation
One day design sprints
Informed direction
Product critique and breakdown
Feature ideation
Team education
Get Unstuck

Weekly Sprint

1 to 3 weeks, just the right amount of time to design and test a feature or two, or whip up some slick concept work.
Concept Alignment
Feature Ideation
Market and User Research
Design and Testing
One to two iterations of a standard feature or two small features
Sprint like Usain

Monthly Project


Most Popular

38% Discount

Monthly arrangements are perfect for new apps, full redesigns, and multi-iteration feature explorations.
Flexible from one month to a year+ depending on product need and scope.
Create or redesign an app from the ground up.
Great for challenges that are more robust and open ended, requiring the collection of serious domain knowledge.
Most popular, allowing a wide and deep exploration.
Make Product Rain

UX is certainly not a one size fits all business.
Get in touch, we'll custom fit a solution that's right for you.

What are your rates?

Rest easy, we do value based pricing, not hourly. Together, we will scope out a solution that fits your budget. To add some jam to the jelly roll, Studio Godsey consistently comes in at 20-50% of what you'd pay with a traditional agency. Get in touch for a quote.

How do you manage low pricing?

We're a fully dispersed and remote team, meaning no office space and fewer associated expenses. We work on demand, meaning we collaborate when needed then disperse. You don't have to pay for down time or a fancy downtown loft.

How does value based pricing work?

A lot of agencies and freelancers bill by the hour. Not to knock, but in our opinion, this doesn't set the best precedent. We want everyone to be motivated by success, not a spreadsheet. You pay for success that fits into your budget and your timeline, nothing else. It's as easy as that.

A best quality guarantee, how do you pull that off?

Our team is made up of senior level pros deeply experienced in their domains and we take our reputations very seriously. We will always have your back, and will keep going until we are all proud of the work we've done. Also, see: "How does value based pricing work?"

Will you fly to (insert city) and work in-house?

For certain projects we can send an in-house designer/liaison at critical project milestones. After working remotely and dispersed for a number of years, we have perfected a process of doing things that will accomplish everything and more than an in-house arrangement could.

Why do you work remotely?

In short, we don't like limitations. We find great clients and top shelf talent all over the world, along with interesting locales, creative inspirations, and amazing places to raise and be close to our families. We do this because we love it and believe in it. After we've worked together, you will too.

How does remote work work?

First, you do you. Adhere to your normal work day, we adjust our work hours to match our client's. Second, we have a bullet proof remote work process involving a suite of services and products, including Zoom, Notion, Slack, Loom, and Figma. All of them are built specifically to support remote collaboration, ideation, and design.

Can you teach our team how to work remotely?

This is a common question and the answer is, yes, absolutely. We're passionate about remote work and anything that allows people to free up their lives and focus on what they find most important. Over the years we've honed a process that works super well. We'd be happy to share it and help you cut the cord.

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