I'm Garrett Godsey, this is my studio.

The approachability of a remote contractor with the battle tested experience of the Silicon Valley front lines - A dispersed collective purpose built for agility, exploration, and non-negotiable quality.

We're a remote agency, purpose built for agility, exploration, and non-negotiable quality.

The quality of a full service agency plus the accessibility of a plug and play remote contractor.

Untethered and available to anyone, anywhere, with an innovative spirit and drive to make something great. Garrett often runs solo, plugging in to great teams - when needed he calls on his wide network of colleagues to join forces. Dispersed, ad-hoc, remote, agile. Futuristic solutions for futuristic challenges.

The mission,
Create excellent products, while enjoying our freedom, and making our clients smile.


Good Times

Work on projects that produce a net positive impact in the world. To save some of our selves so that we may give it away and do good with it, to our families, our communities, and the industry.


Great Apps

Produce the most amazing work we possibly can, to collaborate with only the very best, to continue to learn and grow to make each day's work better than the previous, and to be proud of our impact.



To remain unrestrained, inspired, fully realized and represented while working remote. We're committed to building processes that allow the freedom to fully support clients anywhere in the world.

Meet the salty sea dogs behind Studio Godsey.
A dispersed agency made up of talented experts, each a verifiable badass in their domain. You won't find us in traffic or a cubicle, but you can catch us working our magic from a cafe, co-work space, or airBnB somewhere pretty.

Garrett Godsey

Founding Designer & Director

Analia Ibargoyen

Product Designer, Systems Specialist

Daniel Sherman

Content Writer and Strategist

Danny Salvatori

Product Designer, Product Strategist

Jake Kushner

Product Designer, Fintech Expert

Jakub Zegzulka

Product Designer, Growth Hacker

Karolina Cvirova

Executive Assistant, Digital Marketing

Meg Niman

Product Designer, UX Researcher


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