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New Apps from Scratch

Let's take your great idea and turn it into the next big thing. Direction, research, design, test, iterate, ship, support, tune. Start to finish, you're in good hands.

Product Evolution

Make a good app great. Ship new features, solidify market fit, elevate visuals. Carry updates through your product and collateral ecosystem. It's all under control.

Improve Conversions

From increasing activation numbers in the first day experience to pushing the envelope in reactivations and referrals, let's make your product sing.

Studio Godsey works:
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Wondr Health Weight-loss Hero Image
b2b2c | Mobile  |  web  |  rebranding | behavior change

Wondr Health, Weight-loss
A digital behavioral change program that teaches clinically-proven weight management skills and improvements to overall wellbeing.

The Challenge
Optimize and modernize an experience for current user habits and a mobile-centric experience. Lead Initiatives to increase engagement, retention, and revenue. Redesign the web and mobile experience with a new brand.

Rise Sleep Science Hero Image
B2B2C  |  mobile & Web |  smart devices

Fitbit, Female Health
A ground breaking feature to focus on the fully represented and realized picture of health.

The Challenge
Allow users to easily compare female health alongside their other metrics like sleep, heart health, and exercise, creating the opportunity to understand their full health profile.

Rise Sleep Science Hero Image
product evolution  |  mobile  |  web | Smart Devices

Eko, Heart Health
Communicating complex ideas in a simple way for a wide range patients and clinicians.

The Challenge
design an at-home smart instrument experience that is powerful enough for a clinician, yet intuitive and easy to use for any patient.

Rise Sleep Science Hero Image
growth hacking |  mobile  |  web

Rise Science, Sleep Health
A full suite of product design services to improve first day activations and retention.

The Challenge
Improve conversion numbers across the board and guide users to the "ah ha" moment by revamping the permissions flow in onboarding and creating an entertaining, 'sticky', narrative first day experience.

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“Garrett Godsey's design leadership allows you to breathe easier and smile more. Thoughtfully-crafted experiences that lead to real measurable success. Passion, leadership, hard work, empathy. Not to mention, collaborative spirit, and endlessly supportive of the team. All Undeniable. Check, check, and check.”
Jonah Becker
SVP Fitbit

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