Sodastream Mix

The MIX device allows users to carbonate just about anything they can throw at it, including booze! The app allows the creation of custom drink recipes to share them with the mixologist world.

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The inspiration behind MIX was simple – what if we had the power to carbonate any beverage? With new advanced technology that can calibrate the carbonation for any liquid, even with fruit or pulp, the idea has become a reality. Sparkling martinis, manhattans, coffee, tea…SodaStream MIX opens the door for a new, bubbly world of drinks.

MIX is the first SodaStream machine to connect to the cloud – with a touch screen that guides users through customizable cocktail and beverage recipes. A corresponding app lets users go social, sharing their favorite recipes with the world.

Design Highlights


A look behind the scenes at conceptual explorations, wireframes, UX research, our thought process, and the cutting room floor.


Thank you for your interest and reading this entire case study. If you made it this far you likely have some thoughts, interesting view points, or even critique. Feel free to get in touch and chat about user experience design.

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