NBCU Film Explorer

A smart TV and streaming based bonus content explorer, utilizing time stamp interest points and evergreen interactive features.

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NBCUniversal was interested in exploring an interactive content explorer, something that could be layered into the UIs of a smart TV OS and streaming services. A number of companies at the time were aiming to do something similar, something along the lines of X-Ray on Amazon Prime video content. With the decline in hard copy sales of DVDs and BlueRays, consumers had largely migrated to streaming content, but viewers still had a craving for easy access to additional content.

With viewers migrating from disc to streaming, the web based platform opened up some great opportunities to make the film content exploration experience exciting and evergreen.

Design Highlights


Following are some snapshot of the process work behind this project - various stills from the conceptual iterations as well as a number of the work in progress wireframes used to explore different layout and interactive feature ideas.


Thank you for your interest and reading this entire case study. If you made it this far you likely have some thoughts, interesting view points, or even critique. Feel free to get in touch and chat about user experience design.

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