Fitbit Minimalist Tracker

Fitbit’s most iconic fitness tracker, the Flex 2. Fashion conscious with a minimal aesthetic, and full functionality. Featuring patented Light Shapes to indicate calls, messages, alarms, and more.

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Minimal, yet powerful

Fashion conscious with a minimal aesthetic, while still retaining full feature functionality. For the fitness trackers who don't want to wear a smart watch, or already enjoy wearing a different watch.

Swim proof, auto recognition of exercise, swimming, and sleep. Notifications for calls, texts, reminders to move, silent alarms, goal celebrations, and low battery alerts. All surfaced to the user through memorable and glanceable patterns, regardless of outdoor light intensity or color blindness. The fitness tracker you can wear with anything, anywhere, without sacrificing the smart features you’ve grown to love.

Clear and glanceable pattern recognition

The biggest challenges in the project was creating a way to indicate a number of statuses with only 5 LED lights. We couldn't rely on color alone due to the issues that presented for color blind accessibility and when outdoors in bright sunshine, yet we had to make sure that each pattern was quickly recognizable and memorable.

The solution was creating "light shapes", patterns using one color and a linear progression fo white LED lights accompanied by a unique vibration pattern to indicate each status.

Test participants in a memory study using the light patterns had a 98% recall the following day after using them only once.



Thank you for your interest and reading this entire case study. If you made it this far you likely have some thoughts, interesting view points, or even critique. Feel free to get in touch and chat about user experience design.

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